Dance classes

Tiny Steps from 2 years

A Ballet based Dance programme for little ones with a parent or caregiver. The class plan focus on introducing your little one to the magic world of dance, basic steps, rhythmical exercises, movements through storytelling and exercises to nurture their creativity. Children and Adults will develop body awareness and musical appreciation while enjoying this bonding time together.

Tiny Steps Ballet from 3 years

A Ballet based Dance programme where we focus on introducing your little one to the magic world of Ballet, they will learn basic steps, rhythmical exercises, movements through storytelling and exercises to nurture their creativity.

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Ballet IDTA

At SA Dance we teach the IDTA Ballet Syllabus and dancers are invited for exams when they are ready for it.

Preparatory from 5yrs
Primary from 7yrs
Grade 1 from 9yrs
Grade 2 from 10yrs
Grade 3 from 11yrs
Grade 4 from 12yrs
Grade 5 from 13yrs
Please see below for Adult Ballet and for Pointe class.

Tap Dance from 5yrs to 18yrs

Students learn to use their feet as a musical instrument. At SA Dance we follow the IDTA Tap syllabus and we also teach the American Rhythm Tap style. Class plans and Show routines are created to develop child’s coordination, agility and musicality.

Modern Jazz Dance from 5yrs to 13yrs

We focus on teaching our dancers the fun movements of Jazz Dance; they dance to the beat of their favourite tunes and we work towards a show routine. The class plan incorporates a mix of the two styles and will help to improve the students’ coordination and creativity.

Intermediate Modern Jazz from 13yrs+ (Adults are welcome)

This class incorporates many different movements from Horton to Fosse; Modern and Jazz. The class plan works on the dancers’ creativity, their understanding of the music and their own energy. Dancers learn intermediate steps like turns, kicks, leaps and also show dance routines. Lots of performance opportunities if you are into performing! It's a great class if you want a workout or if you want to train as a dancer.

Contemporary Dance from 8yrs to Adults

Contemporary is a style that utilises breath and energy to create movements. The style focuses on the physical and emotional expression of movements, mind and body connection and natural impulses. In this class we will explore floor work, rolling, falling and recovery, flexibility, core work, jumping through space, physical creative phrasing plus improvisation.

Advanced Contemporary Ballet and Contemporary Dance from 15yrs (by audition only)

A class for the advanced dancer that is eager to take their dance skills to the next level. The class works on the dancers’ creativity, their understanding of the music and on improving their technique. Dancers will be prepared for performances and will be invited to audition to become a member of SA Dance Youth Company. .

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Advanced Contemporary Jazz from 16yrs to Adults

Get ready to move and explore freedom of movement in this fusion class of Jazz and Contemporary dance! The class plan consist of a release warm up, strengthening and stretching exercises, technique work, jumps, leaps, turns and unique dance routines.

Ballet for Adults

Ballet is creative, expressive, great for flexibility and co-ordination. The Adult Ballet class plan at SA Dance is specifically designed to build week by week, encouraging confidence and a sense of achievement in an enjoyable atmosphere. Your wellbeing will improve, you will look more poised and will stand an inch taller. The class is held in a professional dance studio with barres, mirrors and sprung floor. General level; adaptable for beginners through to ballet veterans.

Pilates & Stretch for Adults

Mat classes for all levels, combining Pilates & Stretch technique into a dynamic and enjoyable way of conditioning your body, improve your posture and de-stress. Known for our friendly and personable approach, we conduct our classes in small groups to promote greater learning and interaction between our instructors and clients. We are dedicated to excellence, offering different programs to meet the varied needs of the clients. We design each program to fit each group or individual's need. We are committed to getting you what you need to achieve the results you want. For more info please visit

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SA Dance One to One Classes

Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary & Pilates
Professional training and private lessons for all levels in these styles available. Contact us on for Dance Classes or on for Pilates’ classes.

SA Dance School Clubs

We can provide it for you!
With many years of experience in teaching Dance to children of different ages, we believe that Dance is important for developing confidence and physical wellbeing. An SA Dance Teacher will come to your school to teach your students in the comfort of your hall. Some of the benefits of having a Dance Club at your school are; safety, familiarity, easy communication between parents, students and teachers.
Contact us if you wish to receive our info pack.