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At SA Dance we offer Ballet exams by IDTA, International Dance Teachers Association.

Taking an exam and passing gives the student a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing they are improving each year. It also gives them a certificate to show for all their hard work.

The IDTA syllabus is eligible for UCAS points and as the dancer gets older and applies for part-time jobs, college, university, and full-time work, they can include these dance exams on their resume. This will have a great effect on showing their commitment and seriousness to an extra-curricular subject.

Exams are offered for all students at SA Dance from Primary to Intermediate Level. Younger dancers are offered the opportunity to take the Rosette exam. Dancers from Grade 2 to Intermediate must attend two Ballet classes per week to take part in examinations.

Please note that consistent attendance and home practice is required to take part and achieve good results. If you feel that your child needs extra help, private sessions or small group sessions can be arranged, email us for more info on the fees. We also offer mock exams to help the children to be prepared for the big day.

For more information regards IDTA, please visit: and for more information on our exams please email

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