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This is a pre-professional programme for boys and girls ages 9 years + who are interested in progressing further in their classical ballet training or in pursuing a career in performing arts.

The programme aims to strengthen technical skills while exploring movements and musicality to develop artistry.

Dancers will immerse in an environment where we foster a love of dance, art, self-confidence and respect for one another, while demanding dedication and hard work.

Dancers train three times a week and are mentored by a world-renowned ballerina and former Royal Ballet Principal Roberta Marquez as well as Aretha Marques, the Artistic Director of SA Dance.

Places are very limited; maximum 12 dancers.


We invite dancers who can physically and safely participate in the high level of training to apply. Entry is by audition.


Demonstrable commitment to ballet
Eager to learn more and passionate about dance
Has attended at least two years of ballet training

Classes include

Warm up
Centre work
Flexibility and conditioning training

Individual corrections to help with progression.
Classes tailored for the group’s need
Lifelong skills of discipline, artistry, and self-worth
Performance opportunities
Lifelong friendships with children that shares the same dance passion

Dancers will be assessed every six months, in order to understand how they have improved and what they still need to improve on.

The group will perform a special choreography at SA Dance’s Annual Show at a professional Theatre.

Dancers will also be notified about auditions for Summer Ballet Schools, shows and ballet productions.

Please email info@sa-dance.co.uk to book an appointment to discuss if your child is ready to audition for the programme or use the form below to find out more.

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