The term ‘contemporary dance’ in itself isn’t enough to explain what it is, instead ‘contemporary dance’ is an umbrella term that represents a world of technique and style. Contemporary dance incorporates so many different aspects which is what makes this style so beautiful and creative. As a beginner in this type of dance, I have already learnt so much from the teachers and the learning environment; and so here I will share what I’ve witnessed and learnt from these past few weeks.

Contemporary dance uses contractions, releases, dynamics, levels, floor work, breath and so many more techniques. These aspects all come together to form an abstract story, wether it be soft and delicate or fast paced and exciting. It provides freedom of the mind and limbs to create beautiful performances as well as being a medium for the soul and body to run free and give itself up to the rhythm and song.

Contemporary dance in itself is very different from the styles of dance I’ve tried before. Unlike the specific energy of jazz and beauty of ballet, contemporary dance has its own contemporary spirit. There is a lot more freedom of choice when it comes to choreography and emotion. The dance style  allows dancers to exit their comfort zones and try new things. Dancers learn to be more independent as individual dancers and also how to work together with those around them. They also learn how to connect with their bodies and muscles to improvise and portray what they feel and think into their actions.

The class environment is also extremely welcoming. With a fast paced learning environment there is never a dull moment. All dancers work with one another, encourage one another; as well as help each other improve and correct their work. When choreographing our current dance, our teacher gave us freedom to improvise some parts as well as heavily encouraging us to use emotion and large movements to really capture the attention of those watching.

Overall, contemporary dance is one of the most exciting dances I’ve tried to this day.. All nervousness and unsureness disappears after the first minute of the first class, and from them onwards all that I can feel is the excitement of waiting for the next class. Contemporary dance is truly an an amazing art form that all should experience.


“Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it” – Steven Thompson

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